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Apr 21

Cliven Bundy steals from America: The scary return to a West where guns — not law — rule -


Cliven Bundy steals from America: The scary return to a West where guns — not law — rule -

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Apr 19

How Did I Miss That? Militia: God Gave Land to Settlers, Not Shoshone - ICTMN.com -

Adding to the steaming pile of shite that is Cliven Bundy and his gun fetishizing fanboys.

Apr 18

Geez louise. Talents I didn’t even know I had!

Geez louise. Talents I didn’t even know I had!

“It is asinine in our age that an armed group of idiots can thwart reasonable government action. Bundy is not a hero, a victim or innocent in any way. Just think of real injustice of America, like people spending life in jail for marijuana charges. It’s hard to imagine the “militia,” a mostly fat, white and ignorant group, showing up to defend a kid in the inner city who was arrested for no reason. Also think what would happen to you, if you opted not to register your car for 20 years. Bundy exploits the most sickening version of white privilege to justify what amounts to theft.” — Fox News’ demented poster boy: Why angry rancher Cliven Bundy is no patriot - Salon.com

Koba celebrates his first birthday by doing what he loves best.

Koba celebrates his first birthday by doing what he loves best.

Apr 17

First, this entire incident speaks to the continued power of right-wing mythology. For many of the protesters, this isn’t about a rogue rancher as much as it’s a stand against “tyranny” personified in Barack Obama and his administration.

Second, it won’t happen, but right-wing media ought to be condemned for their role in fanning the flames of this standoff. After years of decrying Obama’s “lawlessness” and hyperventilating over faux scandals, it’s galling to watch conservatives applaud actual lawbreaking and violent threats to federal officials.

Finally, I can’t help but wonder how conservatives would react if these were black farmers—or black anyone—defending “their” land against federal officials. Would Fox News applaud black militiamen aiming their guns at white bureaucrats?

Somehow, given the degree to which right-wing media traffic in racial paranoia, I think we’d be looking at a different situation if the Bundy Ranch belonged to a bunch of black people. And as someone who closely follows the regular incidents of lethal police violence against blacks and Latinos, I also wonder whether law enforcement would be as tepid against a group of armed African-Americans. Judging from past events, I’m not so sure.

” —

Bundy Ranch and Bureau of Land Management standoff: What right-wingers’ anger says about race. (via dendroica)

More on this "independent rancher" bullshit.

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Apr 12

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New-Age Bullshit Generator -

Oh, internetz. I love you.

The most disturbing expression of this government’s relativism is what one might call its relativization of knowledge. That it could casually dismiss the unanimous expert opposition to the bill, without bothering to offer a rebuttal, shows contempt not just for those involved but for the whole concept of expertise. Experts can sometimes get it wrong, of course, even where they are agreed. But the insinuation here is that they are wrong because they are experts, of which their very unanimity is further proof.

That way lies madness, as we saw in the long-form census “debate.” It takes us into a partisan Bizarro World, where the more indefensible the policy is, the more it must be correct — for the more universal the expert dissent it arouses, the more this is taken as evidence, not that the policy is crazy, but of a kind of academic class hatred of the Harper government.

That’s one possible explanation, certainly. The other is that it’s crazy.

” — Andrew Coyne: In the Tories’ partisan Bizarro World, every critic of Fair Elections Act is biased | National Post

Apr 10

“Seriously, if you’ve reached the point where you’ll sit by, merrily wiping your ass with gold toilet paper, while 8 million people a year are dying because they’re too poor to live – what is the point of you?” — The Super Rich are Literally Wiping Their Asses With Gold Now | I Acknowledge