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Sep 15

“We dole out 10-year property tax abatements to encourage new housing construction, even as the program drains the schools of revenue. Who do we expect to live in those houses, which are now typically built with three bedrooms? We say we want young, dynamic, “knowledge workers” who will establish deep neighborhood connections and improve the city overall, and then we sabotage the thing they care about most - their children’s knowledge. Less mobile working-class families, meanwhile, are simply left to fend for themselves.” —

City school crisis dire for us all

Could just as easily be here. Now imagine trying to have this conversation with some contemporary candidates for public office, or the poo-flingers who piss all over the idea of “city-building” because they think it’s “elitist.” 

Sep 11

Even absent a surplus, if BC increased its debt to fund education it would cost about 4.2%, whereas economists estimate rates of return to education investment in the double digits.

So there is no obvious financial barrier to investing in children. We do that by having smaller class sizes and well-resourced teachers, which is what the teachers’ strike is really about. In fact the teachers’ bargaining proposal would see them lose money due to inflation over the life of the deal. As of 2011, BC already had the lowest paid teachers and the biggest class sizes in Canada.

Those smaller class sizes – better working conditions – are what teachers in private schools get, and the flip-side for those students is opportunities for enriched learning that pay off over a lifetime. Presumably, this is why the Premier’s son attends BC’s most elite private school.

” —

BC’s Awkward Surplus | CCPA Policy Note

In case anyone’s got any questions about what the labour standoff in B.C. is really about.

Oh, and look: the NGO that produced this inconvenient little essay is under audit by the Canada Revenue Agency. Must be a coincidence.

Leaves start falling, comedown is calling … ♫ “I’m One” by The Who | via #soundtracking app (at West End YMCA)

Leaves start falling, comedown is calling … ♫ “I’m One” by The Who | via #soundtracking app (at West End YMCA)

Sep 10

Violence at home costs $8 trillion a year, worse than war - study | Reuters -

Nothing like setting it out in dollars and cents.

Sep 08

“I’m increasingly convinced that this city, as a political entity, has completely lost the capacity to deal with transit in an even vaguely intelligent fashion. There’s way too much foreplay and far too little follow-through.” —

LORINC: The insanity of the election season transit debate - Spacing Toronto

The always awesome John Lorinc. He’s here all week.

Sep 05

“… we’re living the result of three decades of neoconservative/neoliberal rule. An infrastructure deficit. A lack of affordable housing with the unsurprisingly accompanying spike in homelessness. Inequality. Grotesque and incapacitating inequality.” —

Self-Inflicted Wounds | All Fired Up In The Big Smoke

And yet the best we can do is sputter ineffectually every time one of these dipshits goes “Tax and spend! Booga booga!”

Sep 02

10 Ways to Tell Your Students Are Not Ready for Open Water | Cave Diver Harry -

A bit of scuba nerdery.

“Only a city conditioned to believe anything — whose politicians are accordingly willing to say anything — could embrace a contraption like SmartTrack as uncritically as Toronto appears to be doing.” —

John Tory’s SmartTrack doesn’t live up to its name | Toronto Star

John Barber, folks. Grumpy old bastard, but a civic treasure.

Aug 29


Aug 26

Bernie Sanders is onto something, I think.

Bernie Sanders is onto something, I think.